Viswasi Monthly

Print media is an ideal tool to propagate Christian ideology and ethics among people of different persuasions. With this perspective, Pastor M. Samuelkutty started a Malayalam quarterly Viswasadhwani in August 1993. This was converted into a Malayalam monthly in January 1997 and rechristened Viswasi.



Viswasa Geethangal

Pastor M. Samuelkutty has published 2 editions of the popular multilingual songbook Viswasa Geethangal.

It is the collection of more than 1000 songs.

Viswasi Publications

Viswasi publications bring out quality Christian books dealing with diverse subjects to spiritually guide and motivate people. Viswasi Publications published books written by Pastor M. Samuelkutty, both English, and Malayalam. The Book ‘Dialogues in Faith’ is a collection of articles which guide Christian believers to take appropriate stands by analyzing the contemporary issues related to faith through the bible prism. It is a compilation of selected editorials published in Viswasi Magazine from 1997.

Viswasi Publications has also published books of well-known Indian Christian writers.



New Life Media

Pastor M.Samuelkutty has also released 7 audio CDs of Malayalam songs, Sneha Dhwani, Sheha Dhara, Sneha Nathan, Convention Ganangal and Sneha Madhuri. A Hindi audio CD, Prem Vani, and Telugu audio CD, Prema Madhuri  has also been released.



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