Social Works

Education to the poor and needy

Indian Christian Mission Schools

Some decades back Bihar was recognized as a place without even a gleam of hope, rampant corruption being the prime reason. The situation has slightly improved due to committed and focused efforts from different quarters.

ICMS Kochas students with Pastor Samuelkutty Mathai

The area of education was completely neglected leading to the underdevelopment of the society and the state. The government schools were run in poor buildings and the total mismanagement worsened the situation. Private participation in education was nearly absent, especially in villages. The situation prevailing was ideal for illiteracy and ignorance.

In 1992, Pastor M. Samuelkutty visited Bihar for the first time. When he saw the lack of educational facilities and the resultant gloom, he decided to light a candle. In 1997, Indian Christian Mission School was established in Helhan village. Now ICM runs three schools in Bihar, with 650 students and 22 teachers. ICM provides scholarships to those who are brilliant in studies but come from poor families. These three schools are Indian Christian Mission School, Helhan, Indian Christian Mission School, Kochas and Indian Christian Mission School, Khuduhuriah.

ICM Academies

To help the poor for basic education, ICM started 4 academies in four remote villages where ICM does not have schools. They are named ICM Academies. ICM Academies provides special tuitions to students who are interested in learning. More than 400 students come and get educated in these academies.

Kochas Child Development Centre, Bihar

Jesus Christ during His ministry on this earth had shown special concern
for children. He still loves and cares for them. One among the preset goals of Indian Christian Mission is to help to channelize this divine love so that the deprived children in areas like Bihar might have hope and reason to live. Accordingly, besides running the three Indian Christian Missions School, the mission also has a project for children from the weaker sections of the society- Kochas Child Development Centre, founded in 2002. Presently, 158 children are benefactors of this project. The center aims at the spiritual, educational, social and physical growth of the underprivileged children from rural areas thereby bringing to the mainstream of the society. The center provides the children fees, study materials, uniforms, food, medical treatment etc.

Scholarships to Students

To encourage academic excellence, ICM gives scholarships and cash awards to poor students periodically. The scholarship or the cash award can boost the morale of a student and the money can be utilized to meet educational expenses. Financial assistance for higher studies is provided up to graduate level in different disciplines including professional subjects such as B-Tech, Diploma, ITI and Nursing Etc to bright and intelligent students belonging to financially weaker sections of the society.

Home to the Homeless

A shelter is one of the basic needs of man. But, even in a scientifically advanced age as ours, homelessness continues to be a major problem worldwide. Millions live in slums, in shacks in open spaces, on sidewalks, under flyovers etc. There are people who despite owning a small piece of land, cannot build a reasonably decent house because of financial constraints. Hence, home for the homeless has been a prime objective of Indian Christian Mission since inception.

Till now, ICM has built 2 homes for believers who could not afford one. On 2010 April 6th, the house built for Brother N. Jose and family, members of Ivarkala Faith Fellowship Church, was dedicated by Pastor M.Samuelkutty in the presence of believers from the local church. Brother Jose thanked ICM for gifting him a brand new house.